Usually, American car insurance is guaranteed for half a year, and you can also choose to buy it for a year. The price of auto insurance premiums varies greatly, some for more than 200 US dollars for half a year, some for more than 500 US dollars for half a year, and some for more than 1,000 US dollars for half a year.

There are many factors that determine the price of auto insurance premiums, and some common factors are listed:

1. Type of auto insurance: full insurance or partial insurance; 2. Accident record: the more accidents, the higher the premium; 3. Driving age: no accident, the longer the driving age, the lower the premium; The higher the payment, the lower the premium; 5. Age: The premium for people under the age of 25 will be much higher, because there are many unreliable factors in this group, and the premium for people over the age of 25 will be relatively lower. 6. Marital status: Married people will have lower insurance premiums, because they are married and have children, and they drive more safely; Low in cities; 8. Types of models: premiums for luxury cars are much higher than those for civilian cars; 9. Daily mileage and annual mileage: the greater the mileage, the more expensive the insurance premium will be.