At noon today, some netizens contacted when choosing a website domain name to build a website and a host and asked whether the domain name and IP address are related, or problems that need to be paid attention to. After all, when we need to build a website, we need to choose the website domain name and host, and the host has virtual host, including shared and independent IP, as well as cloud server, independent server, station group server and other forms.
First, what is a domain name

The so-called website domain name is what we see similar to “”, we can directly record the domain name of this website, and then resolve the content pointing to our server, and open the website by opening the website domain name. It is like our direct building room number address, so that the courier can be delivered directly to our home.

Second, what is an IP address

The IP address is the address of our server, such as “” for example. There are shared IP and dedicated IP. Shared IP means that in a server, several or dozens of our website spaces are all one IP address. Then distinguish our respective space locations through separate storage space folders.

A dedicated IP address is our unique identifier. If the domain name is not resolved to the server, is it difficult to remember if the IP address is entered into the address bar? This makes it easy to remember with a domain name. So we have a lot of domain names that we like, and some domain names that are particularly easy to remember are still very expensive. Need to buy from someone else.

Most domain names are open for registration. We can register them on a first-come, first-served basis as needed. Some are reserved by the system, or some have been registered early, and then we need to trade and buy them.

Third, the relationship between domain name and IP

To connect the domain name and the IP address of the host, we need to resolve our domain name to the server IP, and the server to resolve the bound domain name, so that we can open our website by entering the domain name in the address bar and see what we have done. Colorful website content.