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Hostwinds Snapshot Tutorial 

1. What is a Hostwinds snapshot? Snapshots are custom images of servers that can be used with Hostwinds servers. A snapshot captures a specific moment on the server and includes all data. You can use it on new server instances (copies of existing servers) to…


Domain basic 2 

1. The structure of the domain name Primary name or sub-domain, second-level domain name, top-level domain name 2. Domain cybersquatting The act of preemptively registering a domain name in the name of the registrant before someone else registers it 3. Authority of Domain Name Management…


Domain Basics 

1. What is a domain name? A domain name is the name of a server or a network system on the Internet. There are no duplicate domain names in the world, and the domain name is unique. Technically, a domain name is just a method…


GoDaddy knowledge 

Many people think that building a website is impossible because they know neither code nor technology. In fact, building a website is not difficult, and you can easily have your own website without the foundation of building a website. Come to GoDaddy and create your…