At present, many black hat SEOs use the on-site search function to promote their websites, and have polluted common search engines such as Google on a large scale. Here is an introduction to how webmasters operate to prevent the website’s on-site search from being used by black hat SEOs.

Generally speaking, the method of black hat SEO to attack the website search is to embed the promoted content and URL into the keywords of the website search, and then optimize the search path to deceive the search engine ranking.

In fact, many website building tools have this kind of problem, such as WordPress and Google Blogger, etc. If the abuse of black hat SEO is not prevented, it is likely to have a negative impact on the search ranking of the website.

How to prevent site search from being exploited?

The easiest way is to directly block search engines from including search pages in the station, but this is not our recommended method, because for systems such as Google Blogger, the tab pages also use the same address, so it is best to filter out black hat SEO Targeted blocking of websites.

How to filter out black hat SEO websites? After analysis, I found that most of the content injected by black hat SEO contains URLs. As long as the URL keywords are filtered, the content injected by black hat SEO can be filtered out.

You can use the cloudflare firewall for URL filtering. The specific method is to create a firewall rule that blocks browsing access when it detects that the URI path contains both search and .

Because the domain name must contain the keyword ., but normal searches or website tags usually do not contain this keyword, so this method can be used to prevent black hat SEO from injecting spam into the website index.