At the end of each month, bloggers have a habit of checking whether there is a domain name that expires next month. If necessary, they will continue to renew the fee. If not, they will cancel the resolution and clean up the server. We should also see that the current industry cost is also increasing, and the domain name price has also been raised many times. We now need to register a .COM domain name for about 10 US dollars, which used to be about 7.99 US dollars. This has little impact on friends who may only have a few domain names, but it still has some impact on those with hundreds of domain names.
In the past few years, I have seen good domain names in daily life or registered and raised domain names that I hope to use to build a website. After all, the value of old domain names is still relatively large. So there are hundreds of domain names accumulated, but in recent years we have seen the development of self-media and short videos, which still has a great impact on individual independent websites, and now it takes more time and energy to build a website. It’s not easy to get up if you put in enough time and effort. So, if we see a domain name that doesn’t have much value, we won’t renew it, even if it’s a five-year or ten-year-old domain name. Lao Zuo has deleted dozens of domain names in the past year, and some have been given away directly.

Based on the high cost of domain name renewal now, where can we renew our website domain name when it expires or how to reduce the cost of registration and renewal? Are there any tips?

1. Featured registration

The so-called selected registration, the blogger’s personal view is to do the number of domain names registered for the website according to his own ability. We don’t need to hoard domain names. Don’t think about how many websites we can build. In fact, it’s good for one person to build 1-2 websites. Of course, if you want to build a group website, it’s another matter.

2. Mainstream service providers

We choose mainstream service providers to register domain names, so there is little difference in price. If some common registrars may be cheap for new registrations, then renewals are more expensive. If we choose a mainstream registrar, if there are price changes or expensive renewals, we can also transfer to other service providers.

3. Follow the activity

Bloggers will also often publish some domain name registrar’s renewal, transfer, registration activity discounts. During the event, the price of domain names is still relatively cheap. If there are several domain names, it may not be felt, and if there are many domain names, there are still differences. For example, the renewal policy I often use is to transfer the service provider, so that each domain name can save at least about $2, which is not bad.