If our friends use and understand Linode merchants, they should know that Akamai has completed the acquisition of Linode about half a year ago. Presumably some friends who do overseas business should know that Akamai is mainly engaged in CDN and other distribution services, presumably the acquisition of linode cloud server business is a good expansion and consolidation of the product line. However, presumably the DO, VULTR and other merchants in the same period, we have seen and they are still late, and their development is relatively rapid, and they have begun to surpass linode in both the computer room and the product.

1. Add a new data center

The company plans to add more than a dozen new Linode data centers in North America, Asia Pacific, Latin America and Europe by the end of 2023, all equipped with Linode’s full suite of products. It plans to open its first new store in Ashburn, Virginia later this year, with more openings in the first half of 2023. It will also be deployed in Amsterdam, Chicago, Delhi, Jakarta, Los Angeles, Osaka, Miami, Paris, Rome, São Paulo, Seattle and Stockholm. The exact number of sites, locations, and deployment dates are under active research.

2. Add cloud services

These new sites are ranked based on customer demand, market analysis, existing and projected compute and delivery volumes. Opened locations for Akamai Linode cloud services to new markets and assessed technical feasibility to ensure that each location can support current and future growth.

3. Solve the deficiencies

In addition, 2023 will introduce a new concept aimed at bringing essential computing power to hard-to-reach locations currently unavailable from traditional cloud providers. Call these “distributed sites” and have identified more than 50 cities where they want to be placed.