If friends living in the United States buy a car, car insurance is a must. “Streaking” vehicles are very dangerous, once caught, it will lead to very serious consequences.

1. Taking Washington state as an example, if you are caught driving without car insurance, the police will give you a traffic violation ticket on the spot. Afterwards, the person who gets the ticket may be required to do community service and pay no less than 450 US dollars fine.

Second, this is the penalty you will face if you voluntarily admit to driving without insurance and have a good attitude. Failure to pay the fine on time will result in your driver’s license being revoked and your driving qualifications revoked.

3. If you deliberately provided wrong car insurance information to the police at that time, and then the police found out that you were driving without car insurance, then the consequences would be really serious, breaking the law and dealing with a misdemeanor, which means that you have committed a crime.

4. In any case, driving without car insurance not only does not guarantee your personal safety, but once an accident occurs, the car insurance premium will rise sharply, medical expenses, and car accident expenses are all astronomical figures, and you will also face various fines and compensation. , and more serious legal issues (likely to be caught in jail for a period of time). So, if you buy a car, how can you not buy car insurance?