1. Before purchasing car insurance, please prepare the following information

1.  Card .

2. Driver’s license.

3. Passport number, the passport number is required.

4. Residential address. It is used to receive the confirmation letter after applying for insurance (it is useless, it is as effective as printing it out after online purchase) and various advertising letters in the future.

Second, here, I would like to remind everyone:

1) Driving without insurance is an illegal act. If caught by the police, you will be fined about 800 knives and your driver’s license will be revoked for 4 years.

I won’t say much here, and I will introduce it in detail later (the consequences of no car insurance).

2) During the effective period of the insurance, the insurance coverage can be freely converted, or the insurance can be terminated early and refunded.

3) Car insurance can be purchased on a monthly basis, but it will be a few dollars more expensive.

4) If you have deductible (the insurance amount should be deducted), as long as the repair cost is higher than your Deductible, the insurance company will be fully responsible for it without paying any money. If the repair fee is lower than the deductible, you need to contact the insurance company of the other party, and they will be fully responsible.

Usually, when the auto insurance of the same company is renewed every year, even if there is no accident during the insurance period, there are often various reasons to increase the price. Sometimes the price increase is not large, but it feels like boiling a frog in warm water. It took two or three years before I realized why my car insurance was so high.

Therefore, when the car insurance is about to expire, making a few phone calls or checking the price on a price comparison website, and shopping around, is the way to save money. If you want to save money, you can’t be afraid of trouble. It is recommended that you try to buy insurance from all state, state farm, geigo and other big companies. Saving money does not mean buying cheap products from small insurance companies. Big companies are much more reliable than small companies when they need to settle claims.

There are many price comparison websites for car insurance, such as Zebra and the like. As for the level of insurance premiums, the general saying is: men are higher than women, and those over 25 years old are cheaper. Different models, different colors, old and new have an impact on insurance premiums, but after all, you are you, so it is recommended that you check the comparison prices of different insurance companies. Don’t worry about it, you can’t change your age.