If we have friends who are using Linode cloud servers, they should have received emails. Regarding the information about the acquisition of Akamai by Linode merchants, they should have completed the acquisition, or they will not release the information. Here we also read it at the top of Akamai’s official website. to similar information. Many of our friends may not have used or contacted the Akamai brand, so let’s take a brief look.
Akamai merchants mainly provide cloud server security solutions, such as CDN, etc. After the acquisition of Linode, Akamai will continue to maintain the product advantages of Akamai and will integrate with Linode’s cloud server and other related cloud products to provide more suitable solutions for cloud products and services, which can be used to make up for Linode merchants in terms of security. product breadth. The specific deployment and product integration will be completed in the first quarter, let’s look forward to it together. Here Lao Zuoyi will share this email.